I’m pretty good at finding justification for the things I do. Overdid it shopping? I like to think of it as stimulating the economy. Taking a sick day is simply one less car is on the road= better for everyone! I drink a whole bottle of wine one night? Well, at least there are some health benefits. Same thing about eating chocolate (even if it happens to be A LOT of chocolate).  Obviously, I don’t love that I have to sneak around the HOA and management to rent my Airbnbs (aka run my business) but for me the ends justify the means.

What does give me pause though, is what Airbnb has done to the rental market and the lack of affordable housing….and before you say anything, yes, I know I am a big part of this problem. I guess the way I sleep at night I that I see this as a temporary thing. I don’t want to be operating multiple Airbnb properties forever. I ultimately want to save up enough money to buy a couple of unique properties or a 4 or 5-plex that I can run as a legit boutique BnB. Until then, I suppose I’ll have to double up on the melatonin at bedtime.