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How does the FCPA affect my business?

When you expand your business into other countries, you face different standards and ethics. Corporate leaders and politicians in other countries may not have the same business ethics that you have in the U.S. You may find that these leaders make your business dealings difficult unless you engage in corrupt practices like bribes.

However, if your company trades publicly in the U.S., the government still expects you to avoid corrupt business practices. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) does not allow your U.S. business to bribe people in another country to keep your business growing.

Explaining four major types of fraud

Money laundering, identity theft, Ponzi schemes, intellectual property theft and piracy are all examples of white collar crime, but one of the most imposing white collar crimes; fraud, carries many faces. Four major fraud styles include corporate fraud, financial institution fraud, mortgage fraud and health care fraud.

Continuing, we’ll cover the generalities of these styles of fraud.

Attorney Standard Of Care For Cyber Security

When an American client approaches their lawyer and discusses the details of their case, they feel confident because they know they are protected by attorney-client privilege. Essentially, attorney-client privilege prevents an attorney from disclosing confidential information related to the case, and this protection is what helps people place trust and faith in their legal counsel. 

Attorney-client privilege seems like a simple concept for most lawyers, but it's becoming much more complex in the digital age. According to the American Bar Association, cyber attacks against law firms are on the rise, which is making clients feel more vulnerable and apprehensive than ever before.


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