Sound Guidance Throughout Corporate Formation, Transactions And Regulatory Compliance

At every stage of corporate life, there are challenges to overcome and pitfalls to avoid along the way to success. Knowledgeable legal counsel is an essential component of the path to achieving objectives such as:

  • Entity selection
  • Formation
  • Governance
  • Contracts
  • Transactions
  • Regulatory compliance

Clients of Belanger & Rae PLLC often choose this law firm because of our deep experience and detailed knowledge of all things corporate. Our skills include guiding corporations engaged in sensitive matters such as weapons exports or the pharmaceutical trade.

Experience, Preparation And A Drive To Help Clients Succeed

Corporate lawyer Greg Belanger served as general counsel for a prominent private security firm. In this position, he protected the corporation's interests with regard to contracts, customer relations, vendor interactions and interactions with other third parties doing business with the company. He also filled several other general counsel positions in foreign countries, primarily in the Middle East and Asia.

Attorneys Greg Belanger and Robert R. Rae have abundant knowledge and experience advising businesses in regulatory compliance and related issues. Many satisfied clients have benefited from a focused, collaborative approach — signature methods of this law firm. Clients and attorneys work closely together to devise and implement the most appropriate, protective and cost-efficient corporate law solutions.

Turn To A Skilled Corporate Law Attorney For Clear Guidance

Unsure about corporate governance or transaction regulations? Schedule a case review with a knowledgeable Washington, D.C., lawyer about any such matters. Call Belanger & Rae PLLC at 202-851-2543 or inquire online for a prompt, thoughtful response.