Comply With The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act And International Traffic In Arms Regulations

Exporters and importers face many levels of challenge and difficulties as they work to make a profit and keep drugs, weapons and other goods moving out of and into the U.S. Legal counsel is just as important as business operations planning.

For help with export regulatory compliance and case management, American and overseas clients often turn to Belanger & Rae PLLC. They rely on our lawyer's knowledgeable counsel and representation regarding compliance with:

  • The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

In these and related areas of the law, prevention is better than attempting to cure allegations of regulation violations. Our clients trust our lawyers partially because of their extensive experience. Both attorneys are former U.S. Navy judge advocates. Attorney Robert R. Rae worked for the U.S. State Department handling ITAR licensing.

Take Action Promptly

To keep a business's export operations moving smoothly, timeliness is important. The sooner you have reliable legal counsel, the more options you will have to comply successfully with regulations, avoid sanctions and fulfill all protocols correctly. Whether time is on your side or you face an urgent challenge, our firm is here to help.

Remove Doubts And Boldly Confront FCPA Or ITAR Compliance

Whether proactively or in defense of a challenge, get qualified legal counsel as soon as possible when FCPA or ITAR compliance is an issue. Our Washington, D.C., lawyers are prepared to protect your rights and interests. We offer customized legal solutions for complex and high-stakes FCPA and ITAR-related matters as well as straightforward cases.

Contact the law offices at 202-851-2543 or send your contact information through our online intake form to get an inquiry moving forward.